The organisers have all engaged with work on different aspects of collocated interaction and interacting with conversational agents. In this workshop we seek to build on this by bringing together practitioners from industry and academia to explore work on talking with conversational agents in collaborative action.

Martin PorcheronMartin Porcheron is a PhD Student in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at The University of Nottingham. His work has focused on the use of mobile devices within collocated groups and includes examining the social implications of technology use within social gatherings. He has recently co-organised workshops related to different aspects of collocated and social interaction at CSCW, CHI, NordiCHI, and MobileHCI.

Joel E. FischerJoel E. Fischer is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science and a member of the Mixed Reality Laboratory at The University of Nottingham. His research focuses on understanding and supporting human activities and sense-making in collaborative real-world domains. He has recently co-organised workshops on collocated interaction at CSCW, CHI, MobileHCI, NordiCHI and ECSCW.

Moira McGregorMoira McGregor is a PhD student at Mobile Life Research Centre at the University of Stockholm.  Her research focuses on the use of mobile devices in interaction, and has recently published work in CSCW on the use of conversational agents in meetings.

Barry BrownBarry Brown is a Professor of Human Computer Interaction at Stockholm University. He is the research director of Mobile Life Research Centre, a world leading institute looking into the future of mobile devices, where he has published over 100 academic articles and four books.

Ewa LugerEwa Luger is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh exploring how systems based upon machine intelligence and human data might be made ethical, and intelligible to the user. Her recent research has focused on conversational agents and the ways in which user experience of such systems might be improved through design.  Based in the Design Informatics group, Ewa draws from a background in ethics and social inclusion in the context of complex data-driven systems.

Heloisa CandelloHeloisa Candello is a researcher of the IBM Research laboratory in Brazil. She holds a PhD. in Interactive Technologies from University of Brighton – UK. Her main research areas are Human-computer interaction, design research and User-centered design methodologies. She is part of projects which intend to improve the experience of people using multi-agent systems. She has experience in leading and conducting design research activities to understand people’s contexts and motivations to use conversational technologies.

Kenton O'HaraKenton O’Hara works in the Human Experience and Design Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge and is also a Visiting Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol. His research explores everyday social and collaborative practices with technology with a view to informing design and innovation. His most recent research has focused on user experiences and practices with “touchless” gestural interaction technology in a variety of areas such as surgery, urban displays and everyday desktop computing.