Position Papers

The following position papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  1. Carolyn P. Rosé and Alan Black. Context-Sensitive Coaching Agents: Fostering Personal Growth and Connectedness.
  2. Donald McMillan. Conversational Agents and Implicit Interaction.
  3. Carlene Lebeuf, Margaret-Anne Storey, and Alexey Zagalsky. How Software Developers Mitigate Collaboration Friction Points with Chatbots.
  4. Saiganesh Swaminathan, Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang, Irene Lin, Anhong Gun, Gierad Laput, and Jeffrey Bigham. Epistemo: A Crowd-Powered Conversational Search Interface.
  5. Amanda Purington, Jessie G. Taft, Shruti H. Sannon, Natalya N. Bazarova, and Samuel Hardman Taylor. “Alexa is my new BFF”: A Case Study of the Amazon Echo’s Social Functions and Roles.
  6. Mei-Ling Chen and Hao-Chuan Wang. Bridging the Communication Gap: Conceptualizing Issues of Learnability in Using Intelligent Personal Assistants.
  7. Rafal Kocielnik and Gary Hsieh. New Opportunities for Dialogue-based Interaction in Behavior Change Domain.
  8. Astrid Chao, Hannah Graffeo, Jenny Cheuk, Lillian Chen, Jeff Sokolov, and David Millen. Design challenges for a cognitive agent in health care
  9. Stuart Reeves. Some Conversational Challenges of Talking with Machines.